Solutions and Services!

Quote on Medical Record

When studying the medical record , a therapeutic indication is evaluated. If necessary, a prescription enables to perform additional medical exams. When the medial file is completed, an estimate is sent to the applicant.

Booking and Confirmation

The confirmation of the reservation must be completed by a bank transfer. The amount fee may be reviewed in the case of modification of the therapeutic program in regards of the latest diagnostics, or in case of a unlikely but possible complication.

During your stay

You can can call us to satisfy any of your needs or requirements, we will do whatever is possible to satisfy: Assist you or assist a family or friend
Meet your wishes
In short, if you ask for the moon, we will look for a way to get it.

End of Your Stay

When your medical treatment is completed, we will drop you to the airport with assistance if required. Do not forget to give us some news when your returned and morever write us an email for any medical or other questions and comments.