Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality Policy

In accordance with the [General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)] (, MMI (International Medical Management) undertakes to protect personal data that it is required to collect and give access to your stored data in a transparent and simple manner.

1 - Data processed:

MMI collects and stores only the personal data necessary for its own professional activity and especially for the follow-up of patients. • Identity: first and last name • Means of contact: address, telephone number (s) and email (s) • Written exchanges (paper or electronic) only as part of MMI's professional activity • Communication preferences: language and possible subscription to newsletters No other information, especially classified as sensitive (or "special") by the RGPD, is stored by the IMT.

2 - Means of collection:

Personal information may be collected when you directly contact MMI or through one of its partners, service providers, correspondents or colleagues by any means, hard copy, telephone, e-mail or form on a website, or when you meet people representing MMI. Websites (with the exception of contact and registration forms) do not collect any personal information other than Google Analytics navigation data (linked to an IP address that is never mapped to an identity).

3 - Means of protection put in place:

MMI undertakes to store, process and transmit personal data collected only in a secure manner (protected internal servers, encrypted files). Access to this data is restricted to MMI staff and its affiliates based on their authority and subject to their confidential use.

4 - Shelf life:

MMI undertakes to destroy the outdated or no longer relevant information and more generally to keep only the data relevant to its present activity to the extent that other regulations (especially fiscal or security) do not do not oppose. When a destruction is made, it is immediately effective in the accessible data and is final when the encrypted backups of data intended for a possible restoration will have been rewritten.

5 - Transmission of personal data:

The personal data collected by MMI are intended for its exclusive internal use or, by express consent formulated during an interview exclusively for correspondents or colleagues who could be requested by MMI at the request of patients. Except in the case of a legal requisition, these data are never transferred to other third parties, whether for a fee or free.

6 - Access to data, rectification and deletion by the user:

It is possible at any time by simply contacting the details below to request access to your personal data, to propose a correction of it or even to request a complete deletion (provided that other legal considerations do not apply). do not oppose it). Warning: The information emails that MMI or its affiliates send from time to time to its registered users also carry an unsubscribe link but this does not imply the complete deletion of personal data as defined above.

7 - Identity and Legal Contact

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