Solutions and services!

Medical file review

After a review of your medical record , a therapeutic indication is evaluated. If necessary, further tests and examinations are prescribed. When the file is complete, an estimate is submitted to the applicant.

Confirmation and booking

The confirmation of the reservation is validated by a bank transfer to MMI Lda in Portugal. The amount may be revised in case of modification of the therapeutic program in view of the results of the checkup.

At the arrival

You send us the copy of your plane ticket and we organize a personalized pickup at the airport. The medical means (ambulance,etc...) are available if required by health condition.

Treatment and care

During your stay a suitable accommodation is booked to reduce the costs; clinics or hotel partners as well as transfers. MMI follows up during your medical appointments. Doctors and surgeons keep in touch with the MMI administrative team which remains your unique point of contact.


You can call us to answer your needs or your requirements whatever they are, we will do what is possible to satisfy you: Assist a close
Meet your wishes
In short, if you may ask for the moon, we will do our best to try to get it.

At the end of your stay

We give you a medical report to the attention of your doctor and then we drop you to the airport with requied assistance if necessary.
Do not forget to give us news when you return and moreover, please write to us an Email for any medical or other question.